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Find Me A Show
Do you want to perform at Major music shows, concert and fiestas in Nigeria? Shows can be very very helpful when trying to break into the music industry as you tends to meet and sing in front of Industry movers and shakers.

Do you want to perform in major music shows and concert in big cities? Show performance is a good way for you to make extra cash as an upcoming artiste and can be very helpful when you're in search for a record deal.

We can get you perfromance slots in top notch events across the country like AY Live, Oga Madam, OLIC, Industry Nite, Star Trek, etc.

You will also have the opportunity to perform to large number of audience at major carnivals and festivals across the country which with no doubt boost your fan base.

Interested in Performing at Top Musical & Comedy Shows in Lagos and other Top cities? Waste no more time. Talk to us now!! 😄


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